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Offshore software development

Gruppo IT services offshore software development-oriented solutions since mid-2005. His career responsible and innovative, their professional skills, his experience in business and their web knowledge made it possible for this service is provided from its beginnings in the American market. We had the opportunity to insert and the ability to sustain us in this market, positioning our company in one of the few privileged in providing offshore services to U.S. corporations.

Through ongoing training its members in language and latest technologies, we have managed to maintain a fluid level in communications has allowed us to also introduce in the core-business customer to understand their business and offer it and give you the best solutions in Web to achieve the desired expansion and fulfill their business strategies.

The term "offshore" is implemented hundred percent for our company, because we managed to services and technology from outside the boundaries of organizations, but with a very deep level of integration. Have incorporated these paradigms have allowed us to grow our offshore business unit, today represent nearly 70% of revenue for the company.